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Today I will be with my family for Thanksgiving. It will be a wonderful day because I always love being with my family. The delicious food will make it even better. I have much to be grateful for. I realize many people are suffering in this world. Not everyone is content with their life. And many are being affected by social injustices. Many of us experience hardships. I myself have experienced hardships. I am, however, still grateful for the life I have. I am fortunate to have such amazing people in my life. I am also grateful to have shelter, food, and good health. I always try to be appreciative and grateful for everything I have.

Thanksgiving is a holiday observed in America and Canada, when many of us take the time to be with our loved ones and give thanks for what we have. However, I do realize that the world is much more than just America and Canada. Some of you who find this blog may be from a completely different country, where this holiday is not observed. When I thought about this, I realized that Thanksgiving doesn’t just have to be limited to one day or about a historical event in one country. Thanksgiving can be a peaceful moment on any day when we experience happiness. Even if we are sad or suffering, there must be something we can find that can put a smile on our face.

Surely there are those who suffer so much that they will never know happiness. That thought makes me sad. I wish we could all be happy and at peace. Perhaps saying that is a bit of a cliché, because I’m sure almost everybody on this planet wishes the same. Yet, we do not have such universal peace. I wanted to write something beautiful, something that could make everyone smile. But I know that I would be lying to myself and to you if I wrote that this is a day for everyone in the world to be happy. Some may be happy, while others may be depressed.

No matter what is happening in this world, I want to wish all of you the best day possible. I hope, despite the hardships we may face, that you may find a moment during this day or any day when you can smile and be happy. I am grateful to be alive, and I hope you are too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello world!

First, I want to thank you for visiting my website. This is the first time I write something here and feel quite excited about it. To begin, I’d like to delve into the art of literature. Though I am a fiction writer, I am open to all forms of writing. In fact, I like to label my work literary fiction.

Now, because I said that, someone may say that I am barking up the wrong tree since I’m a fantasy writer, but I’d say, in response, how could I possibly be barking up the wrong tree if there is only one tree? We may come from different branches, but no matter which branch we live on, we are all a part of the same tree—the tree of fiction. No matter what we choose to write about, we are on the same journey. What brings us together is the simple fact that we love to write fiction. Regardless of what subject we write about – if it is a story taking place in New York City, a different planet, or a fantasy world – it is still pertaining to fiction. This is only one of myriad paths in the world of literature. Most of all, it is my path as a fiction writer.

My life-affirming goals are to always write novels that are a blend of genre and literary fiction and to encourage other people to be as creative as they can be in their writing styles while finding their own voice, whether it concerns the human condition or another aspect of existence. I feel all forms of writing are interconnected, so I want to support writers’ dreams rather than segregate them simply because they write something eccentric.

It is quite possible, if exercised properly, to weave diverse styles together, which include fantasy. Yes, it is absolutely possible to create a fantasy or science-fiction novel that has literary merit. I believe it is possible to have an exciting plot that is intertwined with nuanced characters. This concept does not have to only apply to the primary protagonist because secondary characters can be just as well developed and three-dimensional. Though it may be a challenge, we can essentially create a group of characters so intricate that they can each stand alone as a protagonist in a separate novel. They can all have their own story arc and develop as the novel’s plot moves forward.

Without a doubt, writing is my calling in life. I occasionally describe my inspiration as a wellspring of magical energy that flows from another dimension, somehow reaching out to me. Such energy allows me to sit down and create a story, as well as give it a soul. Each day I try to always grow by listening and tapping into the wellspring of magical energy—the wellspring of imagination.

I believe each and every one of us has our own artistic energy. We are all talented in something. And we have a chance to discover that magic on this journey of life. I bow to the magic in you. If you have a dream, go for it. Believe in yourself. Though it may be hard at times, we can succeed. The storm may hit us. It definitely hit me hard. But I stood up and kept going. And I will keep going on. Now, I have two completed novels which will finally be published. Never give up.

Lastly, if you found my first post to be somewhat sane, then I hope you will enjoy my novels. As my character Teri would say: Woot!

~ Paul L. Centeno

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