Blood ImmortalA riveting tale from the author of The Vagrant Chronicle, Blood Immortal breaks new ground in fantasy and furthers Centeno’s reputation as a genre-revitalizing writer

New York, August 25, 2015 – Once again, author Paul L. Centeno brings a refreshing new twist to a familiar genre with his latest fantasy novel, “Blood Immortal” (ISBN 1514634376). An explosion of non-stop action occurs in the early stages of this rich young-adult saga, blending sword & sorcery with high fantasy in ways that are rarely seen in the genre; it is a bravado page-turner not to be trifled with.

With war devastating the Kingdom of Vlydyn, Prince Aarian puts his personal desires aside for the good of his country. Abandoning any hope of a lifetime with his childhood love, Aarian agrees to marry an elven princess. The union, while purely political, will bring a lasting peace between humyns and elves.

Not everyone desires peace, however, including a dark elf leader willing to sacrifice his own immortality to stop the marriage. Calling forth a demon army to destroy the kingdom, the dark elf unleashes a force that threatens the humyns’ very existence.

To save what little remains of his people, Aarian must turn to the most despised and feared races for aid—orcs, trolls, gargoyles, werewolves, and dragons. To win their loyalty, he will need to embrace their savage beliefs and become the Dralekar, their prophesized hero. If he can do this, Aarian will command the one army capable of ending the demon threat before it overwhelms the world.

“Readers will appreciate the protagonist whose nuanced characterization from an inexperienced prince to a masterful hero captures significant elements of the human condition. They will also be captivated by the enthralling, fast-moving plot that contains breakneck action, intriguing lore, unnerving suspense, subtle humor, and gentle romance.” – Paul L. Centeno

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Paul L. CentenoAbout the Author:

Award-winning author Paul L. Centeno was born and raised in New York City. He wrote twelve short stories as a teenager before studying at Herbert H. Lehman College, where he earned a BA in philosophy and creative writing. After graduation, he continued to hone his writing skills while working with Gabriel Packard, associate director of the Creative Writing MFA program at Hunter College. In 2014, his short story Steamwalker won an award from Writers of the Future. Centeno currently resides in Connecticut and is working on his sixth novel.