Maz'huraI am thrilled to announce that my fifth novel, Maz’hura, will be published in early 2016 via paperback and kindle. I am also currently receiving auditions from spectacular voice actresses for the audio book. The story of Maz’hura follows a sorceress who also happens to be a military knight (dame) and captain of an intergalactic starship. This saga will be a twelve book series taking place in a magical universe filled with never-before-seen mythology, lore, mythical beings, technology, and galaxies. This series is a hybrid of fantasy and science fiction. What makes Maz’hura stand out the most is that unlike other space operas, it takes place in a completely different universe all together. The illustration for the cover is complete. Stay tuned for the cosmic map of all the galaxies and planets that Shira (the protagonist) explores while aboard her interstellar starship!