Maz'huraIt is a wonderful feeling to announce that Maz’hura: Book One of the Twelve Dimensions is finally available via paperback and kindle. Even more exciting, I am beyond happy to announce that I’m currently accepting auditions from amazing voice actresses for the audiobook! Below is a synopsis of Maz’hura:

Famed sorceress and military captain, Shirakaya, explores vast regions of an alternate universe. On a particularly hazardous mission, an ancient alien race, exiled eons before, attack her intergalactic spacecraft. The body count rises as Shira struggles to defeat the formidable enemy and to convince the galaxies the malevolent species has returned and their mayhem will engulf the entire Ensar universe. The cosmic leaders, the Ruzurai, meet the crew’s harrowing tales with skepticism and deny the escalating threat. Shira’s magical powers mysteriously weaken and she must face the terrifying prospect that she cannot protect those she loves ‒ let alone the entire universe. Her skills waning, Shira is forced to decide how far she will go to vanquish this ancient and monstrous race to see peace prevail.

Maz’hura is the first in The Twelve Dimensions series, with never-before-seen technology, cosmologies, and magic. You can order Maz’hura right here.