Yun'saraAfter three long years of writing and editing, the sequel of Maz’hura is finally available via paperback! Return to the arcane universe of Ensar and experience the spell-binding voyages of Shirakaya who is now a freelancer for guilds. While she tries completing missions for them, the primordial and ruthless koth’vurians strike again. As the body count rises, Shirakaya still struggles to convince everyone that the mythical koth’vurians have returned despite the fact that holy scriptures deem otherwise—and this time, their mayhem threatens to engulf the cosmos. To make matters worse, Shirakaya’s magic has mysteriously faded. She must now face the terrifying prospect that she can’t protect the ones she loves—let alone the entire universe. Check out the paperback here. The digital version will be released later this year on Kindle.