Coup de Grâce

Coup de GrâceThe world has changed. Gone are the old gods. Nature withers and dies beneath the growing bane of machines and industry. Desperate to prevent their world from dying, citizens turn to science and sprawling cities of steam ruled by the Imperium. Kaimo de Morté has never known another life. He is an optometrist by trade but too poor to open an optical emporium. Forced to work in the mines, Kaimo has no idea how his life is about to change. A chance encounter with insurgents thrusts him into a battle for the very future of mankind—one he is ill prepared to fight. Kaimo uncovers hidden truths, forms alliances stretching to the highest halls of power, and becomes the catalyst for either saving the world or watching it collapse.

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The Vagrant Chronicle

The Vagrant ChronicleIt is a dark age in the world of Bra’dune. The Pure Land has ruptured into the Eight Hells, and the sky has been sundered into a fractured veil known as Stormrage. What remains of Bra’dune is still becoming tainted. Meanwhile, children are mysteriously being kidnapped and murdered. What is more frightening is that no one is doing anything about the abductions, save one humyn: Mor’reius Krelsin. Though a lousy vagrant, he feels for the children who have been kidnapped because he suffered as an orphan and does not want any child to endure the same fate as him, or worse—to be killed. However, when he confronts the one responsible for the kidnappings, he realizes that he is in way over his head; he must battle against an extraordinary being who wields the seven elements of existence and find a way to vanquish him, or else the children, along with his beloved world, may be destroyed forever.

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Maz’hura: Book One of the Twelve Dimensions

Maz'huraShirakaya, famed sorceress and military captain of the Tal’manac Order, explores vast regions of the Ensar universe while aboard Celestial—her intergalactic spacecraft. As an honorable and unwavering enchantress, the sacred Order assigns her to hazardous missions to bring peace and prosperity to humyns and aliens throughout the many troubled galaxies. During one of her myriad voyages through space, she comes into contact with an entity thought to have been exiled from the universe eons ago by the eternal Goddess. In the first installment of this series, Shirakaya must find a way to overcome the challenges before her, gather allies throughout galaxies, and defeat the mythical beings that threaten the universe.

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Yun’sara: Book Two of the Twelve Dimensions

Yun'saraReturn to the arcane universe of Ensar and experience the spell-binding voyages of Shirakaya who is now a freelancer for guilds. While she tries completing missions for them, the primordial and ruthless koth’vurians strike again. As the body count rises, Shirakaya still struggles to convince everyone that the mythical koth’vurians have returned despite the fact that holy scriptures deem otherwise–and this time, their mayhem threatens to engulf the cosmos. To make matters worse, Shirakaya’s magic has mysteriously faded. She must now face the terrifying prospect that she can’t even protect the ones she loves–let alone the entire universe. In the second installment of The Twelve Dimensions, Shirakaya attempts to rebuild her reputation while concurrently working with seedy mercenaries. She is ultimately faced with a difficult question: How far is she willing to go in order to vanquish the koth’vurians and see peace prevail?

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Xen’tarza: Book Three of the Twelve Dimensions

Xen'tarzaThe death-defying journey of Shirakaya and her eccentric crew continues in this latest installment of The Twelve Dimensions. Stars are vanishing throughout the universe. Though there have not been any recent attacks caused by the primeval koth’vurians, Shirakaya knows beyond a doubt that the villainous Ashkaratoth is responsible for the destruction of those stars. Yet the pseudo magic within her armor and weapons will never be enough to challenge the koth’vurians. Acknowledging this, Shirakaya follows the tales of an ancient legend in an attempt to regain her lost arcane gift. Perilous missions, however, impede her from accomplishing the seemingly unfeasible task. As a freelancer, she is still obligated to complete side quests for guilds. With each passing cycle, stars fade from existence, and the universe is threatened evermore. Will the freelancer and her notorious companions be able to succeed despite such heavy odds against them?

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Zy’ventum: Book Four of the Twelve Dimensions

Zy'ventumThe exhilarating saga of The Twelve Dimensions continues as Shirakaya awakens within the accursed realm of Pandemonium. She is all alone, and at least one cycle has passed since the Drift Void hurled her into an alternate universe where only chaos thrives. With no signs of life in the black gulfs of space and no suns to give the light of day, Shirakaya wanders through a nightmarish realm devoid of hope.

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Dark Sanity

Dark SanityFlint Cross, a futuristic gunslinger, lives in the last surviving town on Earth. He is not, however, your ordinary cowboy. Plagued with amnesia, he has been ripped out of the Wild West and placed into the desolation of post-apocalyptic Australia. In this steampunk, dystopian, and psychedelic tale set in the 54th century, Flint must experiment with the aboriginal dreamtime to regain his memories, raise an army, and develop a steam-powered interstellar starship to lead them into space to search for and destroy his enemy in order to preserve the universe. But between lost memories and nightmares, one can only assume that he will linger—upon the brink of madness—in a realm of lost, war-torn souls.

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Red Nova

Red-Nova-FrontThe twenty-seventh century—also known as the Galactic Era—is a dark and crude epoch. In this cyberpunk and young-adult saga, Niralus Bisel, an admiral of United Earth Command, is assigned a top-secret mission to capture and send Liagon, a deadly alien, into a black hole known as Vacuity. The mission, however, turns upside down when Liagon escapes from his cell. Bisel must confront his nemesis and battle him to the death for the sake of defending humanity. When he fails, Liagon goes after his daughter for vengeance. Nesha is a carefree teenager who has high hopes of becoming the galaxy’s new champion in the sport of rifting. When her life is threatened, she has no choice but to join the survivors of her father’s crew and gather an alien alliance in an attempt to defeat Liagon before he destroys Earth and its solar system.

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Blood Immortal

Blood ImmortalIn an attempt to end a war that has devastated the Kingdom of Vlydyn, Prince Aarian is forced to abandon his childhood love and marry an elven princess to bring peace between humyns and high elves. Yet the leader of the dark elves does not allow this, sacrificing his immortality in exchange for demons to destroy the capital city where the marriage takes place. Instead the demons obliterate the entire humyn kingdom. As one of the last humyns alive, Aarian must overcome his fear and turn to a faction of savages whom no one would normally rely upon—orcs, trolls, ogres, gargoyles, werewolves, and a fearsome dragon who happens to be the savages’ emperor. Embracing their belief and becoming the Dralekar, their prophesied hero, Aarian gains their loyalty. Together with the legion of savages, the prince returns to his rightful kingdom in order to eradicate the demon army before they consume the world of Yunedar.

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